Our latest service offering for enterprise-grade bespoke solutions had much success in managing IIoT solutions for large industries and Commercial Real-estate. In today’s technology requirements, smart manufacturing and home automation are some of the common developments for a connected future. The apps need to communicate with the hardware to provide seamless data and intelligence. We simplify these challenging technical requirements through Industrial IoT Solutions with our custom-built cloud-based platform with Analytics, Monitoring, and Alerts against your data. 

Our Custom Industrial IoT Solutions

Our IIoT experts conceptualize and build IIoT solutions for your industry specific needs. Schemax’s secure platforms also ensure that the data generated by your IIoT systems always remains available and secure. Our end-to-end IoT enablement service and platform accelerates your time to market by delivering custom IoT services, quick and affordable. Our Bespoke solutions are developed for industries spanning Manufacturing, Mining, Automobile, Construction, Commercial Real Estate and many more.

Connect Devices – Our IoT platform architecture and ecosystem manages the integration of IoT devices and enterprise systems – anywhere and at any scale.

Data Management – Our system delivers superior data analytics with real-time alerts. Capture, process, store, and retrieve any kind of data at speed or volume for real-time intelligence your business can act upon.

Enable Applications & Devices – Our standard or fully customized IOT solution shall be seamlessly integrated with both your devices and your existing enterprise applications.

Why choose us?

• Reliable IIoT Platform
• Bespoke Solutions
• Cost-effective solutions
• Maintain project information confidentiality and trust
• Quicker turnaround and reduced development time
• Reliable and experienced product development team
• Helpful and productive support service team

Client Implementation

Client #1: A custom-developed garment tracking solution using BLE technology shall allow the client to track production without the need for data recorders and operators to either enter data or scan RFID/bar codes. The complete value stream is mapped for identification of productivity, defects, bottlenecks, rework, and idle time.
Industry: Apparel Manufacturing
Client #2: A custom-developed tracking system from the vehicle receipt at Service Station to delivery to bring visibility to the customer on the real time status and time of delivery. It also tracks the operator’s availability at the workstation and provides analytics in handling the queue at each workstation.
Industry: Automotive
Client #3: A custom-developed energy management solution using IoT devices to connect attendance systems to Air Conditioning and Lighting systems to bring about 30% savings in energy consumption.
Industry: Commercial Office

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