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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change my switchboard?
No, we provide you with a completely retrofit solution. Switch goes right behind your existing switchboards without any additional rewiring.

Does your product require any extra wiring?
No, our product does not require any kind of extra wiring and is perfectly compatible with your existing switchboards.

Will configuring too many devices load up on my Wi-Fi router?
No, our product is enabled with the mesh network technology wherein all the devices act as a repeater unit of its own and hence the signal hops from one device to another without loading up on the Wi-Fi router.

Can I integrate my existing cameras with your product?
We can integrate your wireless IP cameras with our product.

Do I need to pay any maintenance charge for the system?
For the first year, we provide you with free premium support and guarantee. For the second and the third year, you can extend the warranty period further using an AMC of 9% per year. For the fourth year and further, 15% per year will be applicable.

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