ANTAR IoT Platform

Overwhelmed by the IIoT landscape?

ANTAR IoT makes it simple with an off-the-shelf IIoT solution from Edge to Cloud. Start improving machine productivity and implementing digital services today.

Our IIoT platform comes with a powerful device management system and built-in analytics that allows you to connect and manage devices with little to no coding. Its powerful yet easy-to-use interface enables enterprises to create applications faster than laborious coding saving a lot of time and money. Get everything you need to power your IoT product.

  • Customizable mini services
  • Scalable, elastic, and self-healing
  • Gateway support
  • Multi-application
  • Jump Start Kit
  • Communication secured with TLS by default
  • Remote provisioning & firmware upgrades
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Sensor and "things" data collection
  • Messaging across devices with workflows
  • Smart events, alerts, and notifications
  • Open integration interfaces
IoT Platform Pricing
Bootstrap Pricing Table

Free Trial



$50/ month


$100/ month


$200/ month

Assets/things connected < 10 assets < 50 assets < 100 assets 100 - 1,000 assets
Messages in or out 1,000/day 2,500/day 10,000/day 100/day per asset
Asset connection frequency Every 15 minutes Every 15 minutes Every 15 minutes Every 15 minutes
Connection http, MQTT http, Secure MQTT http, Secure MQTT http, Secure MQTT
Users, companies, locations 5 20 2,000 Unlimited
Data retention 7 days 7 days 180 days 1 year
Price per asset Free $2.00/month $1.50/month $1.20/month
Minimum charge per month Free $50.00/month $100.00/month $200.00/month

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